Branding Design

What is branding design? It’s all about sending a clear message to your target audience. It is more than a logo. Visuals, design, colours, taglines, messages, all help in shaping your brand culture. It’s about a brand identity that sets you apart from your competition.

People believe in brand, not marketing

Good Branding Design involves Strategy & Research

Your brand is your most valuable asset

People come and go, but reputation stays. Your brand represents your business and position in the market place. This leads to be people trusting in your brand. We provide strategic services to help you achieve a unique brand that resonates with your market and stands out from your competitors.

Brand assessment | Competitor analysis | Staff engagement | Client depth interviews | Market positioning | Brand Personality | Brand Architecture | Brand Blueprint™ | Brand Naming

Competitor analysis

Creative Branding - Competitor Analysis

Market positioning

Creative Branding - Market Positioning

Brand architecture

Creative Branding - Brand Architecture

Staff engagement

Creative Branding - Staff Engagement

Without the right brand-research you can’t make the best business decisions. We use the very latest validated research methodology:

Brand Experience

  1. Brand Awareness and Performance
  2. Creative Testing
  3. Attitude and Usage Testing
  4. Digital Advertising Brand Lift
  5. Brand Perceptions
  6. Brand Diagnostic
  7. Digital Advertising Brand Lift

Customer Experience

  1. Relational NPS
  2. Touchpoint NPS (Transactional NPS)
  3. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  4. Transactional Customer Effort Score (CES)

Employee Experience

  1. Training and Feedback
  2. Team Event Feedback
  3. Benefits and Perks
  4. Manager Feedback eNP

Product Experience

  1. Pricing Study (Van Westendorp)
  2. Product Concept Testing
  3. Product Naming
  4. Pricing Study (Gabor Grander)
  5. Product Optimization (Cart Sort)
  6. Needs-Based Analysis
  7. Product Ad Testing
  8. Product Satisfaction
  9. Feature Awareness

Creative Branding is Strategy Led

Brand is not a logo

A logo is an important brand asset, but a valuable brand is one that is unified and performs on all fronts. We use strategy-led design to improve consistency and engagement in all communications.

Logo & Visual Identity | Imagery | Brand messaging | Copywriting | Photography | Brand guidelines

  • We are an award-winning brand agency. Recently we have won multiple international awards against much larger agencies. It's confirmation that what we do is good value and is world class.

  • A brand that leads the charge. A brand evolution for ChargeNet – New Zealand's leader in EV charging and infrastructure.

  • A brand that means zero ZeroJet work – Brand workshops | Competitive Analysis | Positioning | Brand Strategy | Brand Naming | Brand design Background Formerly Voltaic Jet Systems, ZeroJet’s story ...

  • A brand that is Unified. Te Kupenga is a new 'mother' brand for an existing stable of Catholic organisations. We defined a brand architecture, developed the identities and designed/build the website.

Creative Branding & Web Design

Branding design is important for websites

Website design is critical to brand perception, so we build and manage websites. We build on the cutting edge of WordPress technology which is by far the most supported platform on the web today.

Web Development | SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) | E-commerce | Websites | Membership | Site Support

Creative Branding needs Great Design

Design in Brand Marketing and Advertising

Every communication touchpoint should be designed well. Graphic Design is critical – people will quietly judge you on it. We design (and write) a wide range marketing and advertising collateral that builds brand value by stimulating interaction and consumption.

Corporate collateral | Websites | Advertising | Infographics | Signage | Uniforms | Packaging | Illustration | Publications

  • Branding and design of the Cancer Society's retail brands for NZ and export markets, across multiple ranges over 15 years

  • A rebrand and brand design for Marley Loft – one of Newmarkets oldest accountancy practices. A brand that informs business decisions.

  • Illustrations by creative director Adam Errington Ngāti Raukawa. Māori illustration Black & white illustration

Creative Branding Awards

We continue to win brand and design awards. The Transform ‘Gold’ awards mean being the best in Australasia and Asia Pacific.

  • 2021 GOLD- TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – ChargeNet – – Best wayfinding or signage
  • 2021 SILVER- TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – ChargeNet – – Best Brand Evolution
  • 2021 BRONZE- TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – Olé Football Academy – Best rebrand in Sports, travel, leisure & tourism sector
  • 2020 GOLD – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – Te Kupenga – Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition
  • 2020 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – Te Kupenga – Best creative strategy
  • 2020 BRONZE – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – Te Kupenga – Best visual identity by a charity, NGO or not-for-profit
  • 2019 GOLD – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – SEQA – Best naming strategy
  • 2019 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – SEQA – Best rebrand in the IT sector
  • 2019 BRONZE – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – QUAL IT – Best rebrand in the IT sector
  • 2019 BRONZE – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – LIQUID IT – Best use of a visual property
  • 2018 GOLD – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Intra – Best rebrand in the Healthcare sector
  • 2018 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Mercy Hospice – Best rebrand in the Not-for-profit sector
  • 2018 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific)
    Mercy Hospice – Best internal communication during a rebrand process
  • 2018 HIGHLY COMMENDED – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Intra – Best re-naming strategy for a brand project
  • 2016 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Hobson Leavy – Best rebrand in the professional services sector
  • 2015 GOLD – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Proactive – Best rebrand in the healthcare sector
  • 2015 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Asia Pacific) – Proactive – Best rebrand related to change in mission, values or positioning
  • GOLD – NZ Best Design Awards
  • GOLD – NZ Pride In Print Awards
  • GOLD – AAP Publishing Awards
  • WINNER – Chill NZ Image Competition
  • Published articles – Idealog, TheArtBookUK, NZHerald, Dompost.

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