Brand Naming. Why it is important.

Whatever the business stage you’re at, brand naming is always a challenging time and a huge focus for business owners and managers. Most feel like it’s the most important decision they have to make in regards to their brand. It like naming your child right!

Despite a lingering belief that the right name comes from divine or genius inspiration or if we ask staff to generate names they’ll come up with something amazing… more often than not – it’s not the case.

Good names are the result of a methodical process and a clear strategy, all based on good insights.

Without that you’ll struggle.

A name is not just a label.

It encompasses everything that your business stands for.

We have a proven process for creating the best name for your business.

In fact we have won 3 international GOLD awards specifically for names we’ve developed – more than any other New Zealand agency!

Be it a new name for a company that’s been around for 50 years or a new start-up brand name – we know how to ensure the right solution is found and how to navigate the change over process from an old name to a new one.

If you’re after a new name – you’ve come to the experts.

Some of the names we’ve generated for our clients


A brand that multitasks. Wanting to agglomerate three industrial service organisations, Mike came to us to find the perfect name and identity for the new brand.


A brand that electrifies. Electric power engineers from Niko needed to move away from their beloved name to avoid confusion with an certain EV giant.

Real Meals

A brand that is real. We helped Absolute Wilderness navigate a very successful rebrand to Real Meals to drive brand loyalty & sales.


A brand that Energises. Envisory wanted to leverage and embrace their uniqueness to create a new future.

Growing Spaces

A brand that’s grounded. A proud Māori owned and operated business, ready to embrace their whakapapa and leverage this part of their identity to create “spaces that matter”.

Future Partners

A brand that’s future-focused. Kirsty Burnett needed a brand to embody her commitment to support development project services in the Pacific area.

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