Brand Naming. Why it is important.

Brand naming is tough, and it’s a big deal for businesses. Some think it’s as important as naming a child! But despite hoping for divine inspiration or great ideas from staff, it usually doesn’t work out that way.

Good names are the result of a methodical process and a clear strategy, all based on good insights.

It encompasses everything that your business stands for. It is your identity.

We have a proven process for creating the best name for your business.

In fact we have won 3 international GOLD awards specifically for name branding – more than any other New Zealand agency!

Whether it’s new name for a company with half a century of history or crafting a new name for a startup, we possess the expertise to identify the optimal name and smoothly navigate the transition from an old name to the new one.

A new name? – you’ve come to the right place.

Brand Naming

Brand names we’ve crafted for our clients.

Revive Residential

A brand that revives. A rebrand that allowed this amazing building company demonstrate they were not your typical builder.


A brand that multitasks. Wanting to agglomerate three industrial service organisations, Mike came to us to find the perfect name and identity for the new brand.


A brand that electrifies. Electric power engineers from Niko needed to move away from their beloved name to avoid confusion with an certain EV giant.

Real Meals

A brand that is real. We helped Absolute Wilderness navigate a very successful rebrand to Real Meals to drive brand loyalty & sales.


A brand that Energises. Envisory wanted to leverage and embrace their uniqueness to create a new future.

Growing Spaces

A brand that’s grounded. A proud Māori owned and operated business, ready to embrace their whakapapa and leverage this part of their identity to create “spaces that matter”.

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