Brand Roll-out

Bring your brand to life

After the Brand Design stage it’s now time to design all of the elements you need within your business to get it live and ready to meet your audience.

A great brand is nothing if it is not applied across the business in a consistent and modern way that engages your audience.

Our Brand Roll-out services

Our brand roll-out services are realistically never-ending. If you need it designed we can bring it to life in a way that positions your brand best.

Common aspects are:

  • Collateral – Business Cards, Letterhead etc
  • Flyers, posters and brochures
  • Website design and development
  • Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Annual Reports
  • Sales materials
  • Presentation templates
  • Document templates


Aside from brand design roll out, we can help your business to communicate and grow awareness around its brand through impactful marketing strategies and performing websites.

Rebrand brand roll-out illustration

Check out our latest projects that involved brand roll-out


A brand that multitasks. Wanting to agglomerate three industrial service organisations, Mike came to us to find the perfect name and identity for the new brand.

Harrowfield People Development

A brand that shapes people. We re-envisaged the brand for Harrowfield who wanted to really stand out and demonstrate their uniqueness.


A brand that electrifies. Electric power engineers from Niko needed to move away from their beloved name to avoid confusion with an certain EV giant.

Real Meals

A brand that is real. We helped Absolute Wilderness navigate a very successful rebrand to Real Meals to drive brand loyalty & sales.


A brand that leads the charge. A brand evolution for ChargeNet – New Zealand’s leader in EV charging and infrastructure.

NZ Banking Association

A brand to bank on. An organisation that intertwine the interest of both banks and New Zealanders to lead to a strong banking system benefiting all kiwis.

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