Brand Roll-out

Brand roll-out – Bringing your brand to life

After the Brand Design stage it’s now time to go live with your brand roll-out.

A great brand is nothing if it is not applied across the business in a consistent and modern way that engages your audience.

Our Brand Roll-out services

Our brand roll-out services are realistically never-ending. If you need it designed we can bring it to life in a way that positions your brand best.

Common aspects are:

  • Collateral – Business Cards, Letterhead etc
  • Flyers, posters and brochures
  • Website design and development
  • Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Annual Reports
  • Sales materials
  • Presentation templates
  • Document templates


Aside from brand design roll out, we can help your business to communicate and grow awareness around its brand through impactful marketing strategies and performing websites.

Brand roll-out illustration from re:brand.

A brand rollout is the process of introducing a new brand identity, including its visual elements, messaging, and positioning, to the public. It involves implementing the brand strategy across various touchpoints and channels to create awareness, build recognition, and establish a cohesive brand image.

Check out our latest projects that involved brand roll-out

Revive Residential

A brand that revives. A rebrand that allowed this amazing building company demonstrate they were not your typical builder.

Bastion – Security Group

A brand that protects. Facing a pivotal merger, Bastion Security Group needed a relevant, unified identity.

Finance Law

A brand for greater outcomes. A rebrand that allowed this organisation focus on helping their client’s finance grow and protect their business, through the perfect legal advice, lead and support.


A brand that knows. Knowhow wanted to grow their business, so they sought our help to intimately understand their business and new market opportunities.


A brand that multitasks. Wanting to agglomerate three industrial service organisations, Mike came to us to find the perfect name and identity for the new brand.

Harrowfield People Development

A brand that shapes people. We re-envisaged the brand for Harrowfield who wanted to really stand out and demonstrate their uniqueness.

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