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Are you “boxing in the dark?” – why you need brand research.

Nearly all kiwi businesses don’t fully understand the ecosystem (brand, competitors, staff and customers) they are trying to operate and succeed in. They end up misunderstanding their own business environment and start ‘boxing in the dark’.

If you don’t understand it – you can’t influence it.

Actionable steps are yet at easy reach to make a drastic difference in the company’s future performance. This includes gathering industry insights, reviewing the competitive landscape, leading customer research, asking for staff feedback… leading to the utmost important self-reflection. Does your business actually serve your customers?

What is brand research about?

Know your brand

Understand what your brand stands for, why it was created in the first place and where do you want to take it.

Identify if it this still works hard for your business or if it could do with a revamp to better reflect your company.

Challenge yourself – does it convey the right cues to your audience. Why do they? Why don’t they?

Know your market

Most kiwi business owners know their competitors. But how well do you really know them?

We’ve found if you know your market intimately then you can devise how to beat them.

Who are your competitors? What space in the mindset of the customer are they owning? How do they look? What verbal triggers do they use?

Know your customers

Business owners (we’ve found) struggle to understand their customers actual needs and wants beyond a simple transaction.

We deep-dive into their psyche and understand their true motivations for your industry and how they perceive you versus your competitors.

Who are they? What do they want? Why? Are you delivering on this? How do your competitor deliver on this?

Know your staff

Businesses are about people. And we know for a brand to be successful then you have to engage your staff so they can understand, love and sell it.

It shouldn’t be done TO them but WITH them.

What consumer insight do they have? What could you do better? How do they rate you as an employer? How do they perceive your brand?

Our Brand Research services

Every business is different so we tailor our brand research needs to suit you.

  • Brand discovery workshops
  • Exec Team/SLT/Board workshops
  • Brand Assessment & reporting
  • Competitor market assessment and mapping
  • Qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Staff engagement (surveys or in-person workshops)
  • External stakeholder engagement
    • Customer/client depth interviews
    • Stakeholder depth interview/workshops

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