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Do you need brand research?

Brand research is paramount when it comes to the success of your brand. Without it, you are probably “boxing in the dark”? Most kiwi enterprises lack a comprehensive grasp of the ecosystem comprising their brand, competitors, staff, and customers. This leads to misconceptions about their business environment and effectively start ‘boxing in the dark’.

If you don’t understand it – you can’t influence it.

Accessible measures can significantly impact the future performance of your company. These steps encompass gathering industry insights, assessing the competitive landscape, conducting thorough customer research, soliciting staff feedback, and engaging in vital self-reflection. Ultimately, the key question arises: Does your business genuinely cater to the needs of your customers?

What is brand research about?

Know your brand

Grasp the essence of your brand: its original purpose and envisioned direction.

Evaluate whether it continues to effectively serve your business objectives or if it warrants a refresh to better align with your company’s ethos.

Push the boundaries: Does it effectively communicate the desired messages to your audience? Understand the reasons behind their resonance or lack thereof.

Know your market

While many Kiwi business owners may be familiar with their competitors, the question remains: How deeply do you truly understand them?

Our research indicates that a thorough understanding of your market enables strategic planning to outperform competitors.

Who are your competitors, precisely? What segment of the customer’s mindset do they dominate? How do they present themselves visually? What linguistic cues do they employ?

Know your customers

Our research indicates that business owners often find it challenging to grasp the genuine needs and desires of their customers beyond transactions.

We deep-dive into their psyche and understand their true motivations for your industry and how they perceive you versus your competitors.

Who are they? What do they want? Why? Are you delivering on this? How do your competitor deliver on this?

Know your staff

Successful brands recognize that businesses revolve around people. Engaging your staff is crucial for them to comprehend, embrace, and effectively promote the brand.

It shouldn’t be done TO them but WITH them.

What consumer insight do they have? What could you do better? How do they rate you as an employer? How do they perceive your brand?

Our Brand Research services

We customize our brand research approach to suit the unique needs of every business.

  • Brand discovery workshops
  • Exec Team/SLT/Board workshops
  • Brand Assessment & reporting
  • Competitor market assessment and mapping
  • Qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Staff engagement (surveys or in-person workshops)
  • External stakeholder engagement
    • Customer/client depth interviews
    • Stakeholder depth interview/workshops

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