Brand design brings your brand to life

A well-designed brand conveys who you are as a business and makes your audience love you from first sight.

For us, brand design is much more than designing a pretty logo – it’s about encapsulating the strategy in a beautifully creative way. One that resonates and delights your staff and customers.

We have the expertise to bring brand strategies to life
and create stunning, performing brands.

Brands – not logos

Brand design is about creating everything visually attached to your brand. So yes, logos are a key part of it!

But equally so are design elements, patterns, textures, illustrations, photography styling and typography.

All these components are critical to be considered together, to establish a unique and memorable presence in the marketplace for your brand.

Consistent and recognisable

Your brand design should speak straight to your target audience.

It is your most effective/ direct/ quick way to convey your values and the biggest part of your business’ personality.

Ultimately a relevant and genuine brand design will effortlessly differentiate you from your competitors.

Designed to deliver strategy

This means we start with what you want to achieve as a business, and who you are as a brand to propose visual routes.

All our design recommendations are therefore logical, compelling and coherent.

Our 25+ years experience has demonstrated this method improves brand consistency and increases target engagement in all communications.

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