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Project overview

When Quantum Security, Helix Security and ZX Security approached us, they were at a pivotal moment in their journey. The recent merger of these distinct companies under the Bastion Security Group umbrella presented a unique challenge: how to unify these entities under a single, cohesive brand that resonated with both staff and clients.

As a leading provider of top-tier security advice in New Zealand, Bastion’s reputation was built on extensive knowledge, a pragmatic approach, and a deeply rooted trust with their clients.

Our mission was to encapsulate Bastion’s core values into a brand that would provide clarity and cohesion during this time of transition.

Research and Strategy

We’re an evidence-led agency.

To approach the design phase which was at the core of the project, we led a comprehensive workshop with key stakeholders. Our goal was to delve deeply into Bastion’s business, strategies and key audiences and clarify all intentions.

Our strategy built on the protection and support implied by the Bastion name. This approach ensured that the new brand would truly reflect the essence of what makes Bastion exceptional, providing a solid foundation for their unified identity.

integration of muti brands

Creative and Brand Design

Our goal was to create a visual identity that conveyed strength, trust and unity – embodying the protection and support central to the brand promise.

We then developed a logo symbolising protection and reliability, inspired by a bastion as an architectural object. Using a modern, clean design, we aimed to reflect Bastion’s forward-thinking approach in a solid and straightforward concept.

Bastion logo study

The colour palette was chosen to evoke feelings of security and trustworthiness, with light blues and greys balanced by soft golden and mauve accents.

Bastion colours


These colours were layered on modern, stimulating backgrounds featuring digital-inspired patterns, evoking themes like a page of code, a busy city, a solid warp, or even a beehive.

Bastion backgrounds 2 Bastion backgrounds 1


The rebranding of Bastion Security Group has received positive feedback from our clients. The new brand provides clear, unified direction and reinforces the core values that make Bastion a trusted leader in the security industry. The seamless integration of the three companies under a single, cohesive brand has strengthened its market position and set the stage for continued success.

Rebranding after a merger is always a complex challenge. However, with a clear understanding of core values and a strategic approach to design, it is possible to create a brand that truly reflects the essence of the organisation.

We are therefore very proud to have partnered with Bastion Security Group to craft a brand that stands for pragmatism, integrity, and support, ensuring their continued leadership in the security industry.

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