Liquid IT


A brand refresh for Liquid who are experiencing rapid growth as a new leader in IT services across cyber security, connectivity and workspace.

Research | Strategy | Positioning | Internal Clarity | Tone of Voice | Design | Website | Signage

Project Outline

A few years ago years ago a small IT start-up came to us wanting logo, but we challenged their planned name of NZ Data Digital because it was boring. They were slightly offended but determined to fix that problem and within no time at all they had settled on Liquid IT and a stronger vision for the personality of their business.

We only did the logo and some basic guidelines due to their small start-up budget. But we asked if they could return to us when they became successful so we could help evolve the brand. And that happened within two years!

Liquid had gained some good traction in the market but research revealed the market struggled to clearly understand their offering and staff  were equally unsure. The suffered from ‘doing things on the fly’ and the brand had become a bit disparate and not well understood – possibly missing out on lucrative contracts. They knew the time had come to do things properly.

We set about working with the four directors to explore and clarify the business. We also interviewed employees to seek feedback and engage them in the process. We also spoke with clients around their perceptions of the brand and service. This work and distillation of the brand aligned the internal thinking and set the platform for who they are, what they do and why. This new positioning revolved around a ‘Security led IT’ offering. This was cutting edge in the market and something that all of their business was about.

We evolved and modernised the identity to reflect this new offering especially around their three core service; connectivity, cyber security, workplace. This was then expressed through a new web experience to help educate and sell to their customers and well as office signage to raise the perception of customers coming to visit.

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