A gold-award winning brand project for Proactive who are New Zealand’s leading health provider for accident rehabilitation. The rebranding has helped expand the services to become New Zealand’s broadest suite of rehabilitation options across function, nutrition, mindset and sleep.

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Project outline

When Proactive came to us they had outgrown their old brand, the market had moved on and they’d expanded their range of services. They wanted a new brand to encapsulate where their brand was heading, but they ended up with something much better – a brand that heals people.

Through our process of brand self-assessment, market analysis and understanding who they really are, we uncovered a piece of gold that has in turn redefined their whole business structure, approach to rehabilitation and wellbeing and every touchpoint across their brand. We isolated their unique approach to treating customers, which we called the Four Corners of HealthTM, which focuses on treating the whole person – their function/injury, their mindset, their nutrition and sleeping habits – not just the site of injury. This core ethos was so strong and unwittingly already partially engrained in the company we knew it was where their future lay.

From this clear positioning and differentiation we wanted to be bold about this change and challenge a stale industry.

We extended the concept to become the main logo/graphic symbol and tag line. This also changed their whole business structure, made it easier for injured people to understand the recovery process and clinicians to educate clients, and to gain health contracts. With the brand now crystallised we set about to making the whole customer journey one of wellbeing – not sickness. This included the clinic fitouts to a new, natural and welcoming environment, friendly staff uniforms, digitised the client sign-up forms and treatment experience, and condensed large amounts of health advice into a simple, easy-to-understand infographic series.

It’s this whole new approach to business and encapsulation of this through the brand story that provide real results in transformative rehabilitation.

In short, it helps heals people.

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