Rebranding for a Deloitte Fast 50 company who specialise in medium-scale construction management.
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Project outline

Keola was successful in the residential and light commercial construction industry – featuring in the Deloitte Fast50 for business growth. However, their brand and business faced a few issues. Research revealed the brand faced trust issues – people loved Sanjesh (the Director) and the team in person but before meeting them the brand wasn’t establishing the trust that it should. They were also viewed as dated, being ‘builders’ only and not strong against some key competitors.

We stripped back the layers for Keola and realised the whole driving force for the business was based around ensuring his now deceased Grandmother would be proud. This ‘Why’ was even the basis for the name – Keola a take on her name. We distilled this offering down to Creating Legacies Together.

This gave clarity to staff, reinforced the culture and synced with the desires of clients revealed in the research that they want a partner who they could trust and was not driven by profits, but by a true positive impact upon the communities they work in.

In a sector where the level of design is typically lacking we designed the business as modern, sophisticated and reflecting the construction industry they work within. The colour palette was modernised while retaining hints of the original brand for continuity. Photography, layout and typography was all modernised so the brand now quickly establishes trust from first view. Now proposals being sent out match the superb quality of the work they deliver. Together, they’re creating a lasting legacy.

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