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Project overview

Lisa Meyer’s true passion lies in finance law, which has always been her professional background and specialisation of choice. When she approached us seeking assistance in rebranding her business, then named Meyer Law, her primary goal was to ensure its distinct presence in the field of finance law.

Our challenge was to guide her in evaluating and refining her complete business strategy to establish a prominent position in the realm of finance law. This presented a unique opportunity, as unlike other legal firms that tend to be more multiservice-oriented, Lisa aimed to carve a niche in this specific area.

Research and Strategy

We’re an evidence-led agency.

Our journey started with a thorough understanding of the business’s profile and the definition of its desired refreshed state. It was imperative to grasp Lisa’s vision for her business.

To ensure we gained the clarity we needed, we conducted a workshop and a competitive assessment. Simultaneously, a comprehensive SEO analysis was undertaken, providing valuable insights that formed the basis for a set of recommendations. These recommendations were designed to align Lisa’s aspirations seamlessly with her clientele’s expectations.

This initial groundwork served as the foundation for crafting a distinctive brand strategy, allowing us to redefine and clearly delineate the new parameters of the business. This process not only clarified the brand’s scope but firmly anchored it in the finance and commercial law sector. Moreover, it unveiled the genuine sense of care and courage driving Lisa in her daily professional endeavours.


The brand positioning became so obvious and easy to understand, naming was easily deduced.

We needed a name to convey the high authority the brand was able to carry and we landed on Finance Law – a strong, bold, confident way to refresh the Meyer Law brand. This strategic shift realigned the focus to the sector and the outcomes clients could expect, instead of relying on the individual behind it. While most other companies try to be all things to all people – Finance Law does exactly what it says it does. 




Creative and Brand Design

With the new, distinct positioning of Finance Law, our creative team was empowered to craft a highly effective logotype, drawing inspiration from the industry’s characteristic red tones.

Yet, the team wanted to strengthen this new identity by adding a symbol that would emphasise the idea of success and improvement facilitated by Finance Law.

They opted for the ‘Greater than’ symbol.

Serving as financial and commercial deal advisors facilitating acquisitions, purchases, sales, and more, Finance Law aspired to be the trusted partner enabling clients to outshine their competitors.

This symbol was also used to convey ‘Greater Care,’ highlighting Lisa’s profound commitment to empathy.


Through a decisive research phase, we compiled all the evidence needed to pinpoint relevant opportunities for the newly renamed Finance Law. This process has empowered Lisa Meyer to fully embrace the core business focus she aspired for her organisation.


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