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Project Outline

TRS (as it was mostly known by) had grown their reputation to become a recognised recruitment leader across New Zealand’s various engineering, construction & technical industries.

However they wanted to evolve their brand by clearly understand their position within the market, how to differentiate themselves and grow a perception of the ‘recruiter of choice’ for clients and candidates in the New Zealand industry.

Brand Strategy

We started by really understanding where the brand was at this point with a brand assessment. This showed it was in a reasonable position, possibly lacking in confidence to stand up and be a powerful player in the market. We undertook extensive interviews of clients and candidates to understand the current perceptions of the service and brand, how they can improve to each sector, what are their key drivers and how they are unique. We also analysed the competition to know how each were positioned in the market and how they communicated.

From this we formed the ‘blueprint’ for the brand strategy so that we could define and position the company for maximum success.


With this boost in confidence we wanted to address the logo. Shown as TRS it had become widely know but possibly lost the meaning & value of those letters (Technical Recruitment Solutions). So we modernised and created the blog in full. This stamped their authority on the market and reminds everyone what they are experts in.

Simple brand messaging was used, with modern colours and technical treatments to bring the brand into a modern, sophisticated and appealing format.


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