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Project Outline

Pragmatix are a specialist project and property consulting company.

Comprised of internationally experienced senior professionals with exceptional backgrounds they have a large array of high-profile projects under their belts, yet they faced a few brand issues. Our research indicated the brand was perceived as dated and confused as to how they were positioned in the market. Competitive research identified a saturated market with fairly generic offerings so differentiation was low.

Client research identified mixed perceptions of the brand. The service offering was strong and well-respected but a brand-service disconnect was evident.

Brand Strategy

Our strategic work identified key area of uniqueness for Pragmatix so they could tell their true story and differentiate in the marketplace. The internal clarity provides the basis for all staff to communicate externally about who they are and how they’re unique.

We distilled their What-How-Why, brand positioning, brand personality and wrote punchy, memorable and unique brand messages so when they go to market, the market listens.


The result is an evolved and modernised identity that brings the company into the modern day. This was really a process of the organisation and people gaining confidence to put themselves out in the marketplace with the authority, and now brand, that their service deserves – basically becoming their true selves.

The logo was born from this “experience delivered” concept. A ethos of delivery, of crosses it t’s and dotting the i’s. These nuances and details are manifested in the ligatures of the logo. Modern, sophisticated, intelligent.

This new identity manifested in new photography and styling, a new website that refined and clarified their messaging and a more powerful credentials document which is so important to win more work.

The result is a brand that delivers exceptional experiences – for clients, for staff and for those who use these special places.

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