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Project overview

Chris Lacoste has 18 years experience as a polytechnic tutor and a secondary school teacher who founded “Social Nature Movement” in 2019. His company aims to help people discover better ways of living and working by sharing outdoor experiences.

As the company has steadily grown since its launch, taking more and more people into nature, Chris wanted to specifically target corporate teams.

He was clear his offer was a great way for companies to encourage and nurture healthy and happy relationships within employees and had started to put together a dedicated page on his website for this purpose. However, trying his best to convince clients from numerous angles bringing up disconnected facts and ideas, made the page very complicated to navigate and the offer hard to apprehend.

Our task was to build a clear and efficient webpage, dedicated to corporate groups.

Social Nature Movement- before/after homepage

Research and Strategy

We’re an evidence-led agency.

To create this page, we needed to understand both the uniqueness of Social Nature Movement’s offer and what corporate groups needed when looking for ‘team building’ options.

We therefore underwent an agile research phase for Chris, that helped us analyse what competition looked like and how unique SNM’s offer was. We quickly identified that the outdoor component of the experience was key, because of the essence of the adventure itself.

Relying on clients feedback and testimonials we highlighted that outdoor activities seem to provide better socialisation, ease dialogue, and nurture positive corporate culture. Through the adventure, we were told that team building was happening naturally.


Social Nature Movement - corporate page detail

Web Pages Design

From there, we suggested a straightforward approach to the corporate groups page. Focusing on user experience best practices, we built the page based on what we heard HR and business owners were looking for when picking team building activities.

Embracing the brand’s existing look and feel and with SEO consideration in mind, our priority was to ease navigation and clarify the offer for potential clients. We organised a main page, broken down into a few sections to share an efficient storytelling about outdoor adventures and their benefits to corporate groups.

Following this, we decided to group the various adventure-offers under three distinct categories to address the three main activities that HR managers could be looking for. We then moved each of these categories on their own pages to both declutter the main page and give these activities enough space to be fully explained.

The next move was to create subpages from these three activity pages, as they each proposed a few options for corporate groups to be involved in. Our recommendation for these subpages was to stick to an easy user experience approach, focusing on conversion, adding cost indication and direct booking button on the page.



Social Nature Movement _ website examples




We ended up designing a full and clarified offer ecosystem, made of a corporate home page branching out to dedicated pages, offering easy ways to be in touch with Social Nature Movement. To us, that was the best way to deliver a professional looking and easy to navigate, relevant web platform for HR managers.

Chris was then allowed to focus his energy on marketing, with the objective to increase leads to his new page, so this would eventually increase conversion rate for his corporate bookings. 

Social Nature Movement Testimonial

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