When and why to rebrand?


When and why to rebrand?

If your brand is your most important business asset, it requires regular maintenance to continue delivering for your business.

There are numerous reasons why a rebrand might be necessary, yet several common issues may indicate that a business and its brand are struggling. Let’s explore these reasons.

Firstly, your brand might appear outdated. If your logo was designed over a decade ago without a careful and considered process, it may be time for an update. Design trends evolve, and modernising a brand’s visual elements is essential for conveying credibility in today’s market.

Secondly, your target audience may not accurately understand what your business does. As businesses grow, they may add new products or services, or their focus may shift, leading to a misalignment between the brand and its offerings. Revisiting your positioning, reconsidering your name or tagline, and rethinking your messaging can refresh your business story and bring it in line with current standards.

Another common reason for rebranding is the amalgamation or division of brands within a company. This often necessitates a new name and requires cohesive storytelling to facilitate smooth transitions and garner support from employees, stakeholders, and clients.

Lastly, a desire for a new website to better represent the company externally can prompt brand changes, ranging from visual identity updates to improved positioning.

Whatever the specific business issue may be, brand work has the potential to improve the situation. Our agency has extensive experience working with brands and businesses, allowing us to offer a range of solutions tailored to address your unique challenges.

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