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We’ve changed our name.

Cluster Creative is now called Re:brand.

For 20 years we’ve helped businesses become more valuable through our strategic and creative endeavours. We’ve helped countless clients distill who they are, how they position themselves in the marketplace, how they talk and sell themselves and how they creatively differentiate themselves. It’s been fun. We’re extremely proud of the results, impact and joy we see in all of our work and on the faces of those people we deal with.

Multiple international branding awards have been the cherry on the top for our clients.

But over these 20 years we’ve neglected our own brand and market positioning.”The builders house is never finished” was never more true. It was time to hold the mirror up to ourselves and follow the same process we’ve used to help our clients.

We knew we wanted a brand that more accurately represents who we are and how we’re different from the competition. We wanted a brand that told our story and changed the conversation of branding away from a creative exercise to one of a business process. We wanted a brand that represented our key beliefs:

– Branding is a business process
– Brand is not a logo
– Branding should be evidence-led, and
– Your brand is your most valuable asset.

And now we’re pleased to say we have that. Our new brand is launched. Re:brand is born.

Re:brand is a company that is passionate about branding. We’re brand specialists. We’re not a design agency doing lip-service to branding. We’re a brand agency who use research, strategy and creativity to build value in brands. Creativity is simply one output that we could use, equal to staff engagement, culture or website design.

We’re still the same company effectively, same directors, same staff, same great results. Now we’re just telling our story more accurately.

We’d love to hear any thoughts you might have.


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