The Cheese Wheel Website

Re:brand was tasked with designing and creating a new ecommerce-enabled website for The Cheese Wheel. The result is a highly ranked site for numerous industry-related keywords, a critical factor in driving their business success. As their only storefront, the website’s ability to communicate and facilitate their services effectively and provide user-friendly experience is paramount. Its design, which incorporates eye-catching and cheese-themed colours, is both simple and effective. Furthermore, the website’s compatibility with various devices, including large desktops and mobile phones, ensures seamless functionality.

The Cheese Wheel

Search keyword ranking

Cheese Wheel search

Search traffic sources

Search accounts for 69% of the traffic, which is crucial because it’s the primary source for acquiring new clients.

Keywords and how different pages appear in search

Cheese Wheel keywords

Our reporting tools display the target keywords and the website’s ranking, which provides insight into how the website will appear in Google’s search results.

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