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Website Hosting Setup

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Please fill out this form so we can get started on your new website.

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This allows us to point the domain to the new site. If you do not own the domain name yet, then you need to buy it ASAP from a registrar like CrazyDomains or Domainz.


Your new website will be a WordPress build. WordPress has special requirements needed to host the site efficiently. Please fill out the following questions.

The hosting of your website is not our responsibility as we do not host websites. This is why we recommend you sign up with a provider that has a solid reputation such as WordPress Engine. We also recommend steering clear of hosting providers that don't offer a specialised WordPress hosting plan. If you choose a host that we are unfamiliar with, we cannot guarantee site speed and it may result in extra build costs over and above your budget.

Do you currently have a website hosted under your domain name? *
We will inspect your host to see if it is capable of hosting your new WordPress website, and we will let you know.
In the event your current host provider is unsuitable to host your new WordPress website, we will ask you to return to this form and sign up with WordPress Engine here:
You will need to sign up with a suitable host. We recommend this plan from WordPress Engine. Please sign up below or further discuss with us.
WordPress Engine
Please sign up with WordPress Engine hosting. Click the link below and choose "GET STARTED" then choose the "STARTUP" plan. Fill in details including payment preference of monthly or yearly.


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