Branding for service businesses


Hi, today I want to talk about branding for service based businesses.

You know, we deal with so many service based businesses over the years that we’ve seen one repeating and very common, and yet a major, problem for these companies. And that’s why we term a brand-service disconnect.

That is the difference between how your brand and how your service is perceived. Typically, we see that the brand is perceived as having less recall, less awareness, you know not having a great perception, often confusion, lack of clarity, versus the service perception which is can be extremely high, sometimes world leading with our clients.

And so this gap, this disconnect, between the two is where there’s a problem. The brand is not helping to position and sell their company for maximum success. So what we see is and our task is how to bridge that gap. How to elevate the brand to make sure it’s delivering upon and reinforcing the perception that the services are delivering.

So my challenge to you is to go and find it out and see if there’s a gap there, see if you can help elevate that brand. The way to do that is by speaking to your customers and staff You want to get some insight as to how they perceive the brand, how they want to perceive the service, and can you can delve into different aspects of that. You want to understand how great is their recall of the brand, can they understand recall brand elements, do they understand how you are unique, and compared to the competition. And then you want to judge how are your services delivered they better than the competition or worse. What aspects do they recall and what aspects don’t they. Once you’ve done that work this will allow you to align that brand and service positioning and perception and it’s going to absolutely elevate your business in the minds of the consumers.

Now from the work that we’ve done our customers have seen huge increases once we’ve elevated that brand to accurately and powerfully portray that position and story in terms of in the marketplace and selling their services. We’ve seen companies operate a 200 percent year-on-year growth post a rebrand where that brand and service are now aligned.

So my challenge to you: do some research, find that out, align that brand and you should absolutely see some success was being Tim Dove from Re:brand

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