Brand issue #3 – Are your customers confused?

Are your customers confused about what you do?
Do you offer hear statements like “I didn’t realise you guys did that as well or “if only I had known”. What’s happening is  you’re missing out on your best sales force – the word of mouth from your existing customers.

If they can clearly understand what you do, why you do it, and all the benefits and positives around your brand they’ll be your best sales force – speaking to all their family and friends.

Where does this external clarity come from? It comes from one place – that’s internal clarity of the brand. Why it exists, what you do and how you do it and how you are positioned in the marketplace. Some fundamentals really.

You know we do brand research all the time in to customer perceptions and it’s a really common thread we see, especially in professional services or service industry, and that’s what we call a brand-service disconnect. That is where the service is perceived as being absolutely top class, leading the competition, world class even, but sometimes the clients don’t understand some very simple elements and aspects around the brand so there’s a real disconnect there between the perceptions of the service and the brand.

And we see it often as the brand’s in seen as the person that delivers, who is providing that service, and that’s really a weak point in a brand because if that person leaves, goes to the competition then what happens – you’ve lost that brand equity because you haven’t developed the brand. You’ve developed the person.

So we’re going to jump in, in depth, in our next video around how we provide internal clarity – what that means to staff to get them up to speed and being your best sales force. So simply put, to get the external clarity you need to understand & distill your brand and make sure it’s clear in the mind of your staff and in all your communications to make sure it’s consistent in the marketplace.

That consistency will build trust and that brings value in the brand. So tune in the next week when we talk more in depth around how to ride and work on and distill the internal clarity of a brand.

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