Brand issue #2 – Being left behind by the competition?

Hi everybody, Tim here from Re:brand.
Today’s brand issue we’re going to talk about is about being the left behind by your competitors – in terms of looking dated and lacking modernity.

Today’s marketplace is very competitive. Everyone’s really agile and looking to get the upper hand every chance they can. And brands that we see often have done some work five or ten years ago and nothing’s changed in between – there’s no sort of smaller iterations to keep up to date with the fashion of the industry as it were. Because that takes effort in time and money there’s no doubt.

So what we see is that they get to a pain point. Eventually, they sort of deal with it, and deal with it, and deal with it, and eventually it gets to the point, hey sh*t we’re looking like we’re second-class compared to our competitors they’ve gone and done this work, looking really sharp, telling a great story, really engaging story that truely tells their or reflects their position marketplace and so they feel like they’re losing out. They’re being left behind by their competitors.

So what can you do? Well, make sure that your brand is well distilled, you understand clearly what you do, how you do it, and why. And then you look to the competition, the marketplace, and see what they are doing. Go and assess the competitors as to how they look, if you’re being left behind and what vision & verbal story they’re telling. Then you can start to create a unique way to own a space in the mind of the consumers in that industry – by developing a brand that is unique, is memorable and engaging.

And you know what – that delivers value and profitability for your customers, for your staff and for the business owners.

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