ZeroJet Testimonial

  1. Measurable results – went from zero sales to $350k, huge increase in enquiries and social media. People are finding us (I don’t know how…) We are still not doing any sales and marketing and we have more demand that we can handle.
  2. Feedback – staff love it, the logo looks great on our product, all our staff wear ZeroJet branded hoodies, jackets and hats. I’ve had candidates (for new roles) comment that they were attracted to our company because of our logo.
  3. Director testimonial – The ZeroJet name has been a huge benefit for our company. People just “get it” when we tell them our name. Zero fumes, zero noise, zero emissions… we don’t have to say this to customers, they already get it.
  4. The brand work has really helped us shape who we are. We’ve had so many compliments on it.
  5. Lots of positive customer feedback. I think the brand work and name has helped to kickstart us. Some very large and established boat builders globally are starting to work with ZeroJet.

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