pH7 Testimonial

“Our recent change of name and branding to pH7 has been a huge success, feedback from our customers has been universally positive with many specifically pointing out that they remember pH7 being “neutral” from their high school chemistry classes. The most effusive feedback came from one of our suppliers who went through the thought process in real time while on a call to me. The conversation started with him asking why we changed our name but before I could answer he said “wait, pH7 is neutral, you’re providing safety products for the chemical industry and your tag line is neutralising hazards…oh man that’s so clever!”

While it’s very difficult to link specific sales results to the name change, anecdotal evidence is clear that the change has been well received by three important groups. Firstly, our own staff have got behind the change which has seen us create uniforms and marketing material that provides a clear focus for our business. Our staff are proud to be associated with a business that has a clear vision that can be easily communicated. Secondly, our suppliers have commented that the new branding makes it a lot clearer for them where our focus lies. They appreciate the fact that their products fit well with our core strategy, which will ultimately generate more sales for their business. Finally, our customers have commented that the new name and branding helps clarify our position in the safety market and is easy for their staff to remember.

The change to pH7 was driven by the desire to create a brand that communicated the why, how and what of our business, that stood out from the crowd and would help focus the minds of our staff, customers, suppliers and end users around the niche we want to lead in. I’m happy to say that four months on from the launch we’ve achieved all of these goals.”

Darryl Burn – Managing Director

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