We’re part of the Sustainable Business Network

We are now proudly a part of the Sustainable Business Network in New Zealand which helps to empower business so people and nature prosper. It’s something that, as an agency and individuals, we’re passionate about.

We feel through working with our suppliers and using their expertise we can help clients make decisions that are not only good for business but also good for the environment and the communities we’re a part of.

Ka kite SBN! Looking forward to continuing the journey.

The Sustainable Business Network’s goals are to:

  • collaborate to co-create solutions to some of the biggest problems in New Zealand in the areas of climate, waste and water.
  • share, celebrate and promote these solutions throughout the wider community to help them become mainstream and have greater impact.
  • build sustainability capability in businesses by providing training, advice and resources.
  • broker partnerships and connections between organisations in our network to make it easy to have a sustainable supply chain.


Our Sustainable Certificate

Re:brand is now part of the Sustainable Business Network. Something we're very passionate about!

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