A full rebrand including name change for New Zealand’s leading image-guided healthcare company.

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Project Outline

Intra, who were called Mercy Angiography, faced a problem. Their name only focused on Angiography – x-ray examination of blood vessels following injection of a radiopaque substance – when they offered so much more.

Their world-leading image-guided services are operated via a small incision and catheter within the body, and use imaging to guide the diagnosis and intervention. This lead to the new name, Intra – which means ‘within’.

This journey began because research identified some fundamental problems – patients and referring specialists were confused about who they were and the services they offered. Staff also couldn’t articulate who the organization was or how they were unique. The patient journey was world-class care but no one knew about it.

We carried out a brand assessment and spoke with numerous referrers, specialists, GP’s and patients that revealed some stark insights around the confusion the brand faced. Being called Mercy Angiography limited the understanding of what they did and future expansion.

From here we established the project objectives, being:
– resolve the name issue, which would required renaming
– clearly convey the breadth and depth of their image-guided healthcare – convey the strength and pedigree of the brand

We started by distilling exactly what they do, how they do it and why they do it – moving them from Angiography to healthcare being a major. We devised a simple yet powerful name to encapsulate the new brand. The ‘within’ theme was then used across the brand look and feel. We did this by using a gradient colour (representing sickness to wellbeing, ‘bad’ blood to good blood and blockages to flowing) within the letters of the logo and using imagery within the silhouettes of people. This created a unique look and feel that differentiated from the competition.

The end result is a brand that cares within.

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