We love the outdoors.
We also love branding.

Hello, we are Re:brand – a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who are also very good at branding – like internationally award-winning good. We’ve been helping businesses build brand value and sales growth since 1999. 

The traditional approach to branding is no longer relevant. We use an evidence-led process that focuses on thorough research, strategic insights expressed through design to produce stunningly simple solutions to complex business problems.

Results speak for themselves

We understand that brand is not everything, but we find that the time invested focusing on the business and brand helps to provide clarity and galvanise the way ahead for businesses and the culmination of all those factors produces tangible results. Let’s look at some:

Rebrand_Outdoors Brand_Real Meals
Rebrand_Outdoors Brand_ZeroJet
Rebrand_Outdoors Brand_OleFA
Rebrand_Outdoors Brand_TrailFund

We understand the problems you might be facing:

  1. Have your services/products expanded but your brand positioning & story hasn’t?
  2. Are you being left behind by your competitors?
  3. Is your packaging looking old and dated?
  4. Are your customers confused about who you are and what you do?
  5. Are your staff confused about the business and brand? 
  6. Is your brand and name no longer relevant to your industry?
  7. Does the organisation lack alignment about how to move forward?

We have a proven methodology to help businesses identify and resolve all of these brand issues, and more!

Rebrand Horizontal Line

Our proprietary process:

Brand is business process and we want to deliver an ROI.

We want to change the conversation. We’re sick of design agencies delivering a brand that is a logo and nice looking website. Where’s the business-wide value? We want businesses to understand the value that their brand has.  When done properly, as a business process, it helps align staff, give internal clarity that generates pride and consumers who understand what your brand does. And they love you for it. In return they spend their money with you and increase your business value. It’s win-win. 

Brand Research

  • Brand assessments / Brand Audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market mapping 
  • Staff engagement & perceptions
  • Customer depth interviews & perceptions
  • Mass market research (local/international)

Brand Strategy

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand statements
  • Brand personality
  • Brand Blueprint™
  • Brand naming strategy and ideation
  • What, How, Why – distillation of the brand 

Brand Design

  • Brand design to creatively express the strategy from the Brand Blueprint™. The Visual Identity or Brand Identity
  • This covers logos, colours, fonts/typography, imagery, graphic devices, treatments.

Brand Rollout 

  • Website and digital assets
  • Corporate collateral
  • Business Cards, Letterhead
  • Presentation templates
  • Document templates
  • Signage – office / retail / vehicles
  • Uniforms
  • Conference materials

We hate to boast but…

We like to challenge ourselves to produce work that is internationally best practise – therefore we only measure ourselves against the best across Asia Pacific. And when you’re competing against huge multi-nationals with hundreds of staff it’s a big challenge! 

But over the past few years we’ve managed to beat the ‘big boys’  and win a number of international branding awards for our clients. These Golds mean it is literally the very best from all of Asia Pacific. 

  • 2021 GOLD – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – ChargeNet – – Best wayfinding or signage
  • 2021 SILVER – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – ChargeNet – – Best Brand Evolution
  • 2021 BRONZE – TRANSFORM branding awards (Australasia) – Olé Football Academy – Best rebrand in Sports, travel, leisure & tourism sector
  • 2020 GOLD– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Te KupengaBest rebrand following a Merger/Acquisition
  • 2020 SILVER – Transform branding awards (Australasia) Te Kupenga – Best Creative Strategy
  • 2020 BRONZE – Transform branding awards (Australasia) Te Kupenga – Best visual identity for NFP
  • 2019 GOLD – Transform branding awards (Australasia) SEQA – Best naming strategy
  • 2019 SILVER – Transform branding awards (Australasia) SEQA – Best rebrand in the IT sector
  • 2019 BRONZE – Transform branding awards (Australasia) QUAL IT – Best rebrand in the IT sector
  • 2019 BRONZE – Transform branding awards (Australasia) LIQUID IT – Best use of a visual property
  • 2018 GOLD– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Intra – Best rebrand in the Healthcare sector 
  • 2018 SILVER– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Mercy Hospice – Best rebrand in the Not-for-profit sector 
  • 2018 SILVER– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Mercy Hospice – Best internal communication during a rebrand process 
  • 2018 HIGHLY COMMENDED– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Intra – Best re-naming strategy for a brand project 
  • 2016 SILVER– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Hobson Leavy – Best rebrand in the professional services sector 
  • 2015 GOLD– Transform branding awards (Australasia) Proactive – Best rebrand in the healthcare sector 
  • 2015 SILVER – Transform branding awards (Australasia) Proactive – Best rebrand related to change in mission, values or positioning 
Rebrand Transform Gold Award 2019

Keen to learn more about what we did for these clients?

    Some of our team in action:

    Tim Dove - Strategic Director

    Growing up in Nelson Tim has been in the outdoors from an early age. From sailing on a Nolex 25 at 4 years old to sailing across oceans as an adult. From skiing around 4 as well to ski instructing around the world. He’s also been a regional age-group representative at various sports and lately a passion for Adventure Racing.

    When not doing that Tim heads up the Strategy for our clients based out of our Auckland office. He’s lead the recent award-winning brand development projects for Real Meals, Ole Football Academy, ZeroJet, Mercy Hospice, Intra, Proactive and Hobson Leavy. These took out multiple Gold and Silver awards at the prestigious Transform Branding Awards Asia Pacific. 

    Tim has 20 years of design and branding under his belt and has setup and runs the Auckland office of Re:brand. This is his second time with Re:brand after spending 3 years in London working in leading brand agencies.  

    Tim’s passion for brand is what drives him. He loves getting in-depth with his clients to truly understand their business, strategise its positioning and then bringing the brand to life through all the forms of communication, online and off. 

    Getting that eureka moment of a brand’s true essence is what motivates him. 

    Adam Errington (Ngāti Raukawa) – Creative Director

    Adam Errington (Ngati Raukawa) is a mad-keen mountain biker. Living in Karori, Wellington means he’s a short ride to some great local trails. He and his “oddity bunch’ regularly do trail mission around the country with The Old Ghost track being a highlight. As a keen tramper he also loves getting out in the bush.

    Adam is a founding director of Re:brand and has been creative lead on all client projects such as Real Meals, Ole Football Academy, ZeroJet, Trail Fund, Mercy Hospice, Intra, Proactive, Hobson Leavy, Immigration NZ, AMP, Te Puni Kōkiri, Māori Tourism to name a few. 

    Adam has 25 years of design and branding experience. He has completed thousands of illustration commissions and design projects in NZ and the UK. He became an associate partner of London design agency Hyper for three years including visualising work for Grey Advertising and St Lukes Advertising. 

    Adam has achieved gold in the NZ Best Design Awards. His notable branding work includes Ngāti Rangi, Māori Tourism, Immigration NZ, Te Manawa, AMP NZ, Coruba Rum, Qual IT, Airlab, Proactive, Litmus Research and other. Adam also does illustration commissions. 

    Conveying that simple essence of a brand so that it resonates and connects with an audience drives him.

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