Your guide to What, How, Why


Hi today we’re talking about concept around ‘What, How, Why’ for your brand.

It’s based on a TED talk by Simon Sinek in 2014 has been viewed 45 million times. In this he talks about how great leaders inspire action and he refers to what he’s termed as the golden circle of this ‘what how why’ and how leaders in great companies communicate.

We’ve taken this into the brand world and use it as a tool to help our clients understand and distill their brand down to three simple concepts that provides a lot of great clarity and understanding for their businesses and brands. The beauty of it is that it forces you to actually sit, distill, understand, think and challenge yourself on these three concepts around your brand and business and that gives the clarity that you need. It gives that deep dive and that reflection that most business owners and executives don’t actually have around their business and brand.

This then allows a pathway forward for you to have staff understanding, to communicate and position yourselves accurately in the marketplace which is going to give clarity and more competitive advantage.

So, let’s take a quick look at Simon’s three aspects of that Golden Circle, the ‘what how why’.

Firstly, we start with ‘what’ – every company in the world knows what they do. Either what product they offer or what service they deliver – that’s pretty simple. Make sure though you want to understand that your your ‘what’ is broad enough to encompass all the aspects that you want to deliver with your service or products now and in the future.

Secondly, is your ‘how’. How do you deliver those services or products in a unique fashion? So this might be your USP, your differentiator, all those sorts of jargon terms. So you want to think about how you deliver them in a unique way, and this doesn’t come down to your people. You know think deep and hard as to how you do it and how you can defend your position the marketplace in a unique manner against the competition. Most companies, or some companies, know what their ‘how’ is or can certainly start to define that down.

The final one is the ‘why’, and only the really great companies – and those ones with true brand clarity – understand their ‘why’. And this is not to make a profit, that as a result. This is around the essence of the brand, you know the cause, the drive, the passion, why you get out of bed every morning, why the company was set up and why your customers should care.

If you can understand that and distill those three aspects down and you’re going to be absolutely ahead of the competition and have true and clear brand clarity to go and position yourselves for maximum competitive advantage.

I challenge you to go and refine those three down and look I’m more than happy for you to send me your thoughts and I’ll come back to you on some reflections on that, help challenge you to deep dive in and get the best you can out of that.

It’s been Tim Dove from Re:brand.

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