WRAP UP – Brand Boxing in the Dark

So we’ve made it to the end of that four-part series around Boxing In The Dark!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the videos around brand, your brain assessment – how to assess if you’ve got clarity; around how to go and assess the competition and make sure you understand their positioning and how to be unique against them; then we’ve also talked around staff clarity – their understanding of a brand and how to empower them; and then also looked at what the consumers think about brand or service and making sure that there’s no disconnect between what we deliver in the brand and how that’s perceived.

So, now that we’ve got that information we’ve got the light, were illuminated, a 360-degree sort of ecosystem that were operating in as businesses can now be developed. Go away and take some time to reflect upon those aspects and work on how you can maximize your brand value in their market place. You’ve got all the factors there.

Now that you’ve got all that information you need to go away and just think about what it all means, you know, assess it, get some advisors and if you need to. Go away – you should go do this yourself – around well how can we develop our brand with this information to make sure got the best of positioning and the best proposition in the marketplace. You know who they are, you know how to beat them. Now we just need to go and evolve parts of the brand if there’s aspects of the brand that you’ve identified, or your customers and your staff have identified they need work.

Go and develop that – does that mean a name change because people can’t remember it. Does it mean changing the logo, does it mean changing the colours because all the competition is the same. Whatever it might be, if it’s evidence-led and then there’s a powerful reason to do it it’s not change for change sake then that is powerful for your brand, in developing the value of your brand – don’t be scared of that.

We always hear “don’t touch my logo” but you know sometimes that is actually the thing that the brands need. So be hard-nosed, think of your single-minded proposition and how you’re unique and different in that marketplace and I guarantee your customers and your staff are going to love you.

Thanks for tuning into this Boxing In The Dark series, we do hope we’ve shed some light on how you as a business and a brand can improve your leverage and positioning in the marketplace.

I’d love to hear how you get on, drop us some questions and comments and I’ll always get back to you, always happy to help. It’s been Tim Dove from Re:brand.

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