Part 4 – Customers – Boxing in the Dark

Okay we’ve made it to video four in our four-part series around Boxing In The Dark.

So, so far we’ve covered the brand assessment, we’ve covered the competitive analysis, we’ve covered and there’s the staff understanding an internal clarity. Next up, we want to look at what the customer actually thinks and how they perceive our brand. So this can be tough to do internally. You don’t want the nodding dog kind of theory where people just would tell you what you want to know so whether you can do yourself or get an independent person to go and do some research, or you can just ask some simple questions sort of semi informally.

But you want to know how do they perceive the service that you deliver or the product that you’re making; how do they perceive the brand; can they work all what the brand stands for; can they recall how you might be unique compared to the competition; ask them how you rate compared to the competition, and ask me how you can prove your product or service to better their lives.

It’s amazing we find when we actually start speaking and asking some simple questions around the customers as to what we find out. It’s one of the most powerful parts of a rebrand process we find. So go away and do some of that research try and get a lot of clarity around do they understand the brand. In your mind you should be clear on who you are and have your position in the marketplace. Is that reflected in terms of what these because customers are then saying and and how they view that. If there’s not you’ve got what we call a disconnect you’ve got a problem because you think you’re one thing but you’re not communicating that clearly enough for the customer to actually pick up and perceive that.

If that is the case then you need to work on internal clarity – we’ve got other videos around that but you need to distill your brand down and communicate it clearly.

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