Part 3 – Staff Engagement – Boxing in the Dark


All right everybody, part three in our four-part series our Boxing In The Dark.

So far we’ve covered the brand assessment and what you need to assess in your own brand, we then covered the competition – how do they look what are they talking about how they position in a marketplace.

Today it’s around your staff – how can you understand and compete in the marketplace if your staff don’t understand your brand and they’re not your best advocates and are empowered to actually live that.

So typically we go away and do some research, you know, use Survey Monkey, dream up some questions around do they understand the brand such as: what do you think the brand stands for, what’s the key services that we provide, how do you think the brand is unique. Those simple questions, it’s amazing how often we see people don’t understand the simple aspects of a brand. If they don’t understand that and they’re in the dark then they can’t, they’re not empowered to go and talk about it, to sell it and so you’re going to be losing out to the competition.

You might have a really clear understanding of that. So you need to empower them. Assess that that those results and you will see the weak spots of where they they lack understanding, they lack clarity. And that if that’s the case then you can go away and do workshops you can go and do work one-on-one groups wherever may be so that they understand the brand with true clarity. That means when they go and communicate and you communicate at the marketplace and you’ve got a nice single-minded clear message for your customers that is how you’re gonna win over your competitors who might have a less fuzzy, less clear, bit vague kind of message. And so now we’re gonna win.

And so far we understand ourselves, we understand who they are and how they’re positioning themselves, and now we understand where our weak points in our own staff and brand are, and that means we’re getting really close to having a really strong compelling brand to position ourselves for maximum value for your brand.

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