Is your brand relevant?

Is your brand relevant?

Ask yourself that question – Is your brand relevant?

Any business can be successful in the good times (forgetting start-up failure rates of course) but when the tough times hit those brands that are ‘relevant’ to their target market are the ones who succeed.
So what is brand relevancy?
Relevancy is related to the core principal of branding – perception. How do your customers and prospective customer view your business, your offering, your price-point, your morals and ethics, your social conscious, your ‘coolness’, your mana. If your brand is perceived as not relevant to their ‘new’ lives, where there’s less disposable income, less desire for your brand, less need for – you disappear. If you’re perceived as relevant, you’re in their ‘brand bubble’. You’re needed. You’re safe.
Just having brand awareness amongst your market is one thing, but to actually get engagement with customers you need to be more relevant to their lives & needs than the competitors. Assess your offer, assess the competition and strategise how this is possible. What can you do differently? What emotional pain-points do they experience? How does your brand offer a direct solution to this?
Remember customers these days are being bombarded with messages and are time-poor – being relevant saves them time and effort. They trust you, they need you, they buy.

So again, ask yourself – is your brand relevant to your market?

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