Branding versus Marketing versus Advertising


Hi, today we’re discussing the difference between branding, marketing and advertising.

These are three elements that people often are confused about how they interrelate and how they define each of those elements when considering branding and business.

For us as a brand agency, we believe that your brand is your greatest asset. If you think of it as a pyramid – brand would be the base. It is the stable, unchanging elements of the brand and business that is used as a base that everything else falls out of. So we think of things such as the values, the vision, how you’re unique, what you stand for and why you exist. Those are unchanging elements that can be established and defined that are the core essence of the the business and brand.

Out of that becomes marketing. Marketing is traditionally seen as the four P’s, or up to seven P’s these days, which is around how the business operates. Some of these more tactical elements – such as the place (place that you sell your goods or services), your pricing, how you promote your business and what your product or service actually is. How it’s defined and sold. These elements you can change. You can add a new product, selling in new places. So these are changeable and develop over time but they should reflect still the core essence of that brand from the lower part of the pyramid.

Out of the marketing decisions come those tactical or individual advertising type campaigns. These are seasonable or change with the fashion of the times or whatever you’re trying to achieve that month, that year, that quarter, whatever it might be. And these can be socially-driven, digital, online, offline, traditional type campaigns – whatever it might be – those reflect upon and deliver tactically and are trying to engage the consumer to get into the into that those marketing elements to drive them into the purchasing a product and that has been driven back down this pyramid through to representing the brand itself.

So, that’s how we define the three elements and how they interrelate and I hope they provide some clarity for you. I’m always happy to answer some questions. This has been Tim Dove from Re:brand.

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