Brand Positioning – the crux of your business & brand

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about brand positioning. Brand positioning is the perception in the mind of every one of your customers as to how they perceive and understand your position in the marketplace compared to the competition.

As humans were constantly judging, evaluating, assessing and placing myriad of factors that brands are putting in front of us that influence our perception on who that company is, what they believe and how they stack up versus the competition. It’s happening autonomously and constantly.

So this position of mind as on attributes such as price versus quality, upon customer service, upon how your social beliefs are and what those beliefs if they aligned to their beliefs. As well upon reputational aspects. So there’s a whole myriad of aspects and that juggle and there that is the juggle there’s an infinite number of attributes that are informing their perception of you and you’re trying to do that in an infinite number of people’s minds. And all individuals they’re all slightly different.

If you get it right– that clear memorable, powerful, brand positioning means you’re going to be ahead of the competition. You’re going to be creating customer loyalty you can have brand equity and you’re going to have the highest chance of willingness to purchase them to purchase your products over those companies. Those competitors who that are also sort of weighing up and are in the purchasing situation friend.

Positioning is built by every single branded or unbranded touch point across your business and brand so that means from the way you’ll start answer the phones to your color palette that you’ve chosen to the logo to the name and to how the fit-out looks to how what’s your digital impressions like what is the interactions and engagement through the  digital so a social channel what’s the customer experience like in store all of those aspects influence the mindset of your target market as to how they see you, and they’re doing the same judgments against their competition and in their mind that they’ve gathered this up and I’ve given you a position in the marketplace.

So if you’ve got a clear, distinct, unique, memorable position in the marketplace that is extremely powerful. It’s extremely valuable to organizations because if that aligns to what their beliefs are and how they see where their position in a positive light compared to the competition then that’s going to convert to purchase. So positioning is everything.

A clearly defined position in the marketplace, as I say, is memorable, it’s powerful and it’s very valuable for organizations over your competitors. So with positioning consistency of the brand and experience is absolutely key. We’ve talked about this before. If the experience that a consumer has of your brand are different and to different scenarios then that affects there’s a conflict within their mind as to how they position you in the marketplace that conflict means it’s untrustworthy they don’t quite understand you, they don’t quite trust you, people are not going to purchase your products or service. If you’re in that category and the competition is actually delivering a clear, unique, memorable position in the marketplace that aligns still with their beliefs.

You know, the main part about our methodology is actually understanding and researching the position of the marketplace in the minds of consumers and staff and directors – those internal aspects and then trying to ensure that we can align all of those factors as best we can to make sure we’re delivering upon the strategy and the desires of the company and want us to achieve for the next 5-10 years.

That alignment is done through their understanding through a clear strategy and then creatively telling that story and they unique memorable powerful way. If you can do that then you’re going to be on the short road to getting one-up over your competition and making sure that they’re coming to you over them.

So when you’re thinking branding don’t think logos, things like that, think positioning! How are we positioned in the marketplace.

It’s been Tim Dove from Re:brand.

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