Brand Issue #1 – Expanding service/product line

Hi everybody, Tim Dove here from Re:brand You know we deal with so many businesses across so many different industries that we see common problems that our clients face all the time. They’re reoccurring. And so we thought we’d do a short video series on the most common problems that we see.
Today, I’m going to talk about Expanding service or product lines. A really common one. So, in New Zealand with an SME economy Not a lot of consumers, we try and leverage, or business owners try and leverage every dollar they can get out of a customer that they interact with, so we become a one-stop shop type of businesses. They come in for X and we sell then Yand Z.

Now that’s all well and great.Sometimes it can provide simplicity and ease and convenience to consumers and that’s generally the way, or reason that it’s done. But the problem is, unless the brand, story and positioning and identity keep up to date and keep telling that story accurately your consumers end up confused. They don’t really know what you do or where your strengths lie.

And so if your competitors have got a really clear single-minded proposition, that’s when you’re going to lose out on your custom to their brand So, to do so, as the service line evolves and expands, and that’s totally fine you need to ensure your brand, the position and story I talk about all reinforce and are evolved with it.

There’s no point being a plumber one month then expanding your service line to include electrical work and building work but your brand still only talks about plumbing. You’ve lost the What, of What you do.

So make it clear, distill your brand down and make sure your proposition is single-minded. If you can hang your hat on your one most powerful aspect for your brand or service as the entry point to your company then that is memorable. From there it’s about how you can leverage and tell that story to make sure they know about those services that you provide.

So, distill your brand, make it clear, evolve it as you evolve your services, and tell that story accurately.

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