Brand is not a logo

A brand is not a logo. And this is a common mis-conception that we hear.  

We firmly believe the logo is simply the icing on the cake. It’s the visual expression of the deeper understanding the that business, it’s strategy, it’s personality but it does not drive consumer behaviour alone. 

A brand is the culmination of a multitude of elements, and the logo is just one of this elements. Yes it’s prominent and vitally important but we also consider the colour palette, the cultural significance of colour choice, tone of voice and how the brand sounds, what the typography and font choice in different marketplaces and culture. We’ll consider if the brand needs to use photography or illustration to position itself.

The quality which which this is done is important. Frugal or premium, practical versus artistic, caring versus corporate can all be created. So next time someones mentions we need a new logo tell them to broaden their mind. Think brand.

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