Brand is evidence led

Branding should be evidence-led. As brand specialists we’re here to deliver a business return on investment. Without the insights and knowledge it’s hard for any agency to be able to do that. 

And to be honest, some of the brutally honest truths that come out of our brand research are some of the most valuable aspects of the branding process that we do. 

We look at 4 parts of evidence that are essential to a brand ecosystem. They are the brand as is currently stands in a brand assessment, we assess the competitive landscape to understand their positioning, identity, Tone of voice and messaging, we then gauge the staffs perceptions and understanding of the business and brand, their engagement with it and if they can sell it. We also then at the clients perceptions and experiences. It’s one thing for business owners to tell us what they think their customers will say but the real truths come from what do our clients think about our services and the brand itself. 

This then gives us a 360 degree view of the whole brand ecosystem and that is where we can really transform a brand to be more successful, to be more valuable, and to differentiate in the marketplace. 

And it’s this that’s a fundamental difference between us as a brand agency and a design agency who say they do branding. 

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