Why do we enter Transform Branding Awards?

Transform Awards 2019

People have been asking me “why the @transform_magazine branding awards”?

In short, it’s because the Transform Awards are judged on how brand strategy delivers a business outcome, not just pretty design.

I’d love to share our thinking on this because we think all NZ businesses should be doing the same. 

We want to compete and deliver our clients a world-leading service. We want to know that we have done the very best we can do to help them succeed. Their success is our success. That’s what drives us. 

So when we started looking at NZ design awards (related to branding) they didn’t cut the mustard (sorry guys). They’re design awards, not branding awards. 

We wanted awards to honour strategy, research, positioning – not logos. And in the Transform Brand awards that is what we found. 

Transform Brand awards (Asia Pacific) are the largest, most prestigious branding awards that there are in the region. Simple as that. And it’s a pretty large region with major major players. The likes of SuperUnion, Future Brand, Interbrand, LabBrand, Sedwick Richardson, Seigal + Gale, DesignBridge – they might be no-names to you but they’re huge multinationals with 400 to 1,000 staff across up to 24 countries. Insane!

We have 6 people in little old new Zealand. And we win awards. Consistently. 

Consistently beating the biggest and best in the world. 

How is that possible? Well, that is the challenge we love. 

We’ve developed our own methodology over 20 years and we know it delivers results for our clients. We’re evidence-led. We believe we were also the first NZ agency to enter these awards and use it as the benchmark for excellence in our industry.

And this we believe is what set’s the platform for our clients, and our, success. It allows the right decisions to be made at every step of the process.  

For more information on the Awards you can find it here.

And the full list of winners are here.

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