Search Engine Optimisation

1. SEO Structure

Kickstart your SEO and make quick wins on your Google ranking.


  1. Identify what are your key search words.
  2. Install or analysis your Google SEO account, and your rankings.
  3. Install SEO plugin/s such as Yoast which are like testing tools. Also use an external test tool called SE Ranking which we subscribe to. Run the tests and make site changes that they suggest. Usually things like reordering content, rewording text, changing headings and sub heads, lengthen or cut text, tags, and page URL names, testing.

This stage takes place over a period of a few weeks.

2. SEO Servicing

Monthly (or occasional) testing and site tweaks.

To get easy wins within your budget. The whole point is increase your ranking onto the first page of search results.

3. SEO Conversion

Converting SEO gains into more sales.

To convert your increased search results (‘google ranking’) into traffic to your site that converts to sales. Done by tweaking your most visited pages with better content and by adding calls to action.

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